2012. november 21., szerda

Réka: 내 메시지 to U-kiss :3

"In fact I don't know how to start this...perhaps in the beginning.
Before I knew you I was just an average girl. I was completely ordinary, but on one hot summer’s day I found you on the internet... I listened to some of your songs and I felt like I fell in love. Before this, I had been listening K-POP but you guys were able to reach my heart. You were able to breath a new life into my cold heart. Before I had been known you, I couldn’t express my feelings, I didn’t dare to show my opinon, I was afraid of the world... after that, you came and I changed. Now I already show my feelings, I am not afraid to take on my opinion and I got many friends because of you.
Many times I feel that you are close to me because if you have bad mood I also will be sad and if you are smiling and happy I'm also smiling with you. For this, is enough a picture or video, but if I have bad mood, you, guys are able to cheer me up from far away. If I'm angry or nervous you can calm me down. Because of you in difficult times I can smile even if inside I’m broken. Your songs always help me. At nights when I can't sleep your voice makes me fall asleep and the next day I wake up fresh and full of energy. Inside you I found what I’ve been looking for, the happiness and the real myself. Your songs give me the strength to get through the difficult times. For me, you are the best and I am very grateful for these things.
Thank you. ♥" 

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